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Dry Needling

Dry Needling: Empowering Swift Recovery for Active Lifestyles in Loveland, Colorado   In the pursuit of an active and fulfilling life in Loveland, Colorado, the last thing anyone wants is to be sidelined by pain or injury. For our motivated and passionate readers in Loveland, this article is your guide to reclaiming your joy in movement through the transformative power of dry needling therapy.   Understanding the Need for Quick Recovery   In the picturesque city of Loveland,...
Posted on 2023-11-09

Get Back in Action: How Physical Therapy Can Relieve Your Low Back Pain and Keep You Active

Let's face it: dealing with low back pain can be an absolute nightmare. It can leave you feeling frustrated, helpless, and downright miserable. But here's the thing: you don't have to suffer in silence. With the right treatment plan, you can find relief from your pain and get back to doing the things you love. At Northern Colorado Spine and Sport we understand just how debilitating low back pain can be. That's why we're dedicated to providing our patients in the Loveland, Colorado area with t...
Posted on 2023-03-07

Glute Strength: The Key to Less Pain and Heavier PR’s

Are you interested in decreasing your back and knee pain, adding weight to your squat/deadlift/lunge, running faster or having a bulletproof core?? The solution is simple, STRENGTHEN YOUR DAMN GLUTES! As a physical therapist I see a TON of low back pain as well as lower body injuries from exercise enthusiasts, hikers, CrossFitter’s, the list goes on and on and on….. One common denominator to ~ 90 and performing better than ever! -Dr. Riley
Posted on 2022-08-11

Are Stiff Ankles Holding You Back?

Are Stiff Ankles Holding You Back?
Are you constantly having knee pain when exercising? No matter how much you foam roll your quads or stretch your hamstrings, does your knee pain keep coming back? What about a “pinching hip” in the bottom of your squat? How about low back pain after a high volume of air squats??   As a Physical Therapist, I encounter situations like this all the time. Day in and day out, I see highly motivated individuals that have tried everything to help decrease their knee, hip and back...
Posted on 2022-07-06

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