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Northern Colorado Spine and Sport – Our Physical Therapy Services in Loveland, CO

Most physical therapy patients require more than one type of treatment to expedite a full recovery. Therefore, we offer several different physical therapy services:

  • Body Tempering
  • Dry Needling
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Personal Training
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization


Body Tempering

Body Tempering is a soft tissue technique involving deep and heavy pressure to muscles using weighted cylinders that help statically or move slowly along the length of the muscle.

Body tempering is beneficial for exercise enthusiasts and athletes  to facilitate repair of muscle strains, improvements in soft tissue extensibility, reduce pain and helps decrease the risk of future injury by improving soft tissue elasticity for load absorption

In addition to rehabilitative purposes, we use body tempering to help prepare soft tissue for physical activity and improve muscle recovery with longer-lasting results than static stretching and massage.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is used in our clinic to treat muscles, ligaments, tendons, subcutaneous fascia, scar tissue, peripheral nerves and neurovascular tissue to manage various neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes.

Dry needling refers to inserting thin monofilament needles into the muscular tissue. Dry needling aims to decrease inflammation, promote tissue healing, increase blood flow to a given area, and release natural opiates/pain-revealing chemicals from the brain to down-regulate pain.

Over the past 20 years have been numerous studies confirming the efficacy of dry needling for:

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis (tennis and golfer’s elbow)
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain (TMJ dysfunction)
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Spine Pain

Dry needling is one of the many tools we use at our clinic to decrease pain and get you moving again.

Spinal Manipulation

We commonly use a high-velocity, low amplitude thrust (HVLAT) manipulation at Northern Colorado Spine and Sport. Spinal manipulation is a skilled passive technique used to decrease pain, improve range of motion and enhance muscle activation. Spinal manipulation is widely used by physical therapists specifically for spine pain, headaches, jaw pain, cervicogenic dizziness, sciatica, and peripheral joint pain. 

Our therapists have all completed post-doctoral orthopedic fellowships specifically trained in the use and execution of spinal manipulations. Specifically, Dr. Riley is a certified Osteopractor through the Spinal Manipulation Institute. He has taken more than 100 hours of coursework on the art of spinal manipulation.

Therapeutic Exercise

Movement is medicine! Here at Northern Colorado Spine and Sport, we are all about getting you back to the activities you love. Our manual therapy aims to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and improve soft tissue extensibility. On the other hand, our therapeutic exercise aims to improve your strength, endurance, balance, stamina and coordination to get you back to performing the activities you love at a HIGH LEVEL!

Our therapists are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). They are well trained in prescribing the best exercise specific to your condition! They are experts in movement and well-trained in prescribing the correct exercise load and dosage that fits best for you.

Personal Training

Looking to improve the way you feel? Looking to take the “next step” with your sport or activity? Northern Colorado Spine and Sport offers 1-on-1 personal training! We offer 60-minute personal training sessions to improve strength and mobility at our top-notch facility equipped with weights, pull-up bars, various cardio equipment and a tailored program by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists!

Looking to follow a program at home? We also offer 4-12 week training programs you can perform on your own time with our therapists’ weekly follow-ups. Take your training to the next step with our personal training programs designed by Physical Therapists!

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Here a Northern Colorado Spine and Sport, we specialize in manipulating and improving soft tissue quality. Soft tissue can range from muscle, fascia (underlying connective tissue in muscle) and skin (scar tissue).

We use a combination of hands and instruments to manipulate soft tissue to improve range of motion, enhance blood flow to a given area, decrease soft tissue adhesions, and resolve pain.

A common soft technique we use at our clinic is myofascial cupping! Cupping helps facilitate soft tissue extensibility and improves blood flow to an area of the body. Cupping has been a staple of East Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years but popularized in the United States after the 2016 Olympics. Our skilled clinicians use cupping (with and without movement) to decrease pain and improve mobility to get you back to the activities and sports you cherish most.


It all starts with a consultation. Book a FREE 20-minute PHONE consultation to begin your journey to recovery today!

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