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Northern Colorado Spine and Sport Reviews for Physical Therapy in Loveland, CO

It is incredible how physical therapy can change lives! Here is what some of our patients say about their recovery after treatment here at Northern Colorado Spine and Sport in Loveland, CO.

Long-lasting results compared to medications, injections, creams, and balms

Lindsey C.

I was referred to NoCo Spine & Sport for a severe exacerbation from lumbar disc herniations from years ago. It was quickly apparent the therapist’s goal for me was to find the root of the problem for long-lasting recovery. After a thorough evaluation and a few treatment sessions, my therapist prescribed highly effective exercises, stretches and a daily at-home-routine that does not require expensive equipment.

My therapist helped me realize that the previously prescribed medications, injections, creams, balms and other previously used methods were used to cover up the pain and would never actually resolve the underlying issues! I am so thankful for finding Northen Colorado Spine and Sport!

Physical Therapy That is Worth the Drive to Loveland, CO

Kevin C.

Worth the drive from Boulder, Colorado, to see Kyle for his evaluation and treatment strategies!! Kyle has helped me with my overhead mobility and strength using a combination of manual therapy and functional exercises that have already made a difference in my rock climbing and weightlifting performance. I am looking forward to working with him to build a strong foundation of strength and resilience, as he clearly is an expert in understanding needs/demands of an overhead athlete! I highly recommend Northern Colorado Spine and Sport!

Back to Weightlifting Again

Paul H.

Dr. Riley is a very knowledgeable and attentive practitioner. He is great at listening and really digging into what the cause of pain may be while creating a treatment plan that’s effective and easy to follow. I am back to lifting heavy weight, pain-free, and could not be happier! On top of being a stellar PT, Dr. Riley is also a genuinely a great human who cares for people and is fun to be around during our sessions.

Dr. Riley Accommodates My Busy Schedule

Sara K.

The therapists at Northern Colorado Spine and Sport are phenomenal! Dr. Riley was willing to accommodate my busy schedule, he is very knowledgeable,  and I had a great all-around experience! He was able to find the root of my problem and took more than one path to fix it. I cannot imagine where I would be without Northern Colorado Spine and Sport, I highly recommend!

Better Results Than Other Physical Therapists

Blake H.

I reached out to Dr. Riley about a month ago in agony. I’ve now had 3 sessions with him, and we have come such a long way. He is fantastic and really puts your needs first. Dr. Riley has incorporated a lot of creativity into my treatment plan and is different than all other PTs I had previously seen. He has really dialed in and found what seems to be my main problem. He is very adept, and I would not go anywhere else for physical therapy!!!! His use of dry needling to my problematic muscles has helped a TON!! Dr. Riley is a true professional. I would give him 10 stars if I could.

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